Interview with Gavin Goszka – Midnight Syndicate


Gavin Goszka e Edward Douglas are the dark lords that make up this spectacular band. Midnight Syndicate has become over the past years a cult band, and for those about to dark world, Halloween, mysterious world of the paranormal, hauntings and the like, surely you already know. You do not? Then it was time!

CASAGRANDE – How did the Midnight Syndicate, what motivated them to create the band?

GAVIN: Edward Douglas started Midnight Syndicate in 1997 with the idea of creating soundtracks for imaginary movies. The very first (self-titled) CD incorporated a wide range of musical styles – from rock to rap – but it also featured darker, horror-based material that laid the foundation for what would soon become our trademark sound. I joined in 1998 after attending a live multimedia show that Ed had assembled to promote that first album. In addition to sharing an interest in horror, I saw a lot of common musical ground between us and suggested that we should work together at some point. About a month afterward, Ed called to tell me about the idea for Born of the Night, and I knew right away that it was something I wanted to be a part of. There wasn’t anything quite like what we doing at the time. Our music filled the gap between the low-budget Halloween sound effects tapes and “Monster Mash” party compilations, providing something appropriately atmospheric that could be left on in the background of a store, party, or yard haunt.

CASAGRANDE – Tell us some interesting event, curious, which occurred at some rehearsal, recording, presentation or trip you made (Midnight Syndicate).

GAVIN: I’ll never forget hand-delivering our CDs to the stores that were carrying them back when we started! The area that we had to cover was fairly substantial, so Ed and I would plan out separate routes in order to get everything delivered on time. There’s something to be said for talking to buyers and store managers face-to-face, though. I don’t know if we would’ve been able to establish the kind of personal connections that we did if we had simply shipped the product and communicated via email. It was great to see how excited the buyers were about our music, and to listen to their feedback and learn from what they were seeing and hearing.

CASAGRANDE – Midnight Syndicate’s proposal over the years was quite specific. Some more recent work with partner’s vocals brought bright, opening new doors to your repertoire. Songs such as Lost and Noctem Aeternus could be played at live shows. What do you think about it?

GAVIN: We’ve talked about doing a live show for years, and almost made that idea a reality last year. We were in a position where we had to choose between developing a live show and working on a new CD and we ended up choosing the latter, for a number of reasons. If we do play live, we want it to be an experience that our fans will thoroughly enjoy and remember, and have talked about integrating actors, film, and other elements to accomplish this. It still may happen at some point down the road – I think the timing just has to be right. “Lost” was a song that I wrote and recorded specifically for a scene in The Dead Matter movie. I really enjoyed working on it, but I don’t know if it would appear in our live set, as it’s pretty far removed from what we normally do.

CASAGRANDE – Tell me important something that their fans still do not know, and you’d like them to know.

GAVIN: Many of our fans may not be aware that we create the majority of the sound effects on an album ourselves. The studio where we record is located in a historic home, and the environment itself provided most of the sounds for The 13th Hour, from the footsteps and slamming doors to other more ambient noises. We enlisted the help of several voice actors for Carnival Arcane, and also went on-location to record animated props and other mechanical devices in order to bring the environment to life in a very convincing and tangible way.

Gavin & Ed