Midnight Syndicate

“They appeared Surrounded by a dome of mystical energy, as if the world was standing around, and the Universe respectfully intoned” Soliloquy “by Midnight Syndicate …”.

Excerpted from book “Myalnah & The Presence Of Lucifer” by Amauri Casagrande

We had not planned a space for partnerships on this site, so we prefer to dedicate one page to this amazing band called Midnight Syndicate, and also we put some links for you to know them better..
If you like horror and fantasy, will end up colliding with them at some point.

During the past fourteen years, with an exclusive dark style of music, The Midnight Syndicate became a pioneer in a movement called “Music for Halloween”, dedicated to creating works as gothic, horror and fantasy soundtracks to real or imagined movies. Formed by music composer and film director Edward Douglas in 1995, its music has become a landmark in the genre, when it comes to horror, haunted houses, Halloween, dark and RPG games. With a catalog of CD’s mix progressive dark, Gothic and classical, in an orchestral environment and special effects, songs simulate real horror and fantasy epics. The band is composed of Edward Douglas and Gavin Goszka and its music has been played in several TV shows, documentaries, the infamous Hugh Helfner Hallowen parties, in X-box and PC games, and appears slightly with much of that relates the horror and fantasy.
Often called the Halloween Band or Haunted House Band, Midnight Syndicate has become a trademark in horror theme parks, and other fantastic attractions. When I writing Maelna, sounds dark transported me to a mental screen where the ideas flowed to write the novel.

The most recent sightings of a Midnight Syndicate show effective growth, breaking down the original rules. On Lost, soundtrack for The Dead Matter. Midnight Syndicate brings us a song with lyrics and vocals, a very good vocal, say by the way, which reminded me a little, The Radiohead.